What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).

It provides your company with a set of principles that ensure a common sense approach to the management of your business active ties to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.

Who is ISO 9001 applicable to & what are its principles ?

Any organization can benefit from implementing ISO 9001 as its requirements are underpinned by eight management principles:
A customer focused organization
The involvement of people
Ensuring a process approach
A systematic approach to management
A factual approach to decision making
Mutually beneficial supplier relations
Continuous improvement

What are the benefits of registration ?

Customer satisfaction – through delivery of products that consistently meet customer requirements Reduced operating costs – through continual improvement of processes and resulting operational efficiencies Improved stakeholder relationships – including staff, customers and suppliers Legal compliance – by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact on the organization and its customers.

Improved risk management – through greater consistency and traceability of products and services Proven business credentials – through independent verification against recognized standards